Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to School

Well school has started again. It is going pretty well so far...we have only had two days of class though. I actually really like my heath science classes so far, I'm not too fond of my child development classes, but that's okay. I am still working so the day goes by pretty fast because I just go to school then work. Jordan is enjoying school also. He wasn't able to do his internship this semester because they had already given it so someone who has been working there longer. So this means we will probably have to stay next summer for him to do his internship on campus.

My mom was also here last week. She came to drip Laura off and see us at school. It was great to see her!! I wish the whole family could have come but that's okay. We will see them in December. I pretty much already have a count down until we go home for Christmas. Its also nice to have Laura back at school. We have been going running together every day. Well I guess that was just a quick update of whats happened lately. Nothing too big. Hopefully my mom will send us some pictures of all of us while she was here and I can post them. Until next time....see ya