Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How about a VaCaTiOn?!?!

Well it is getting a lot warmer here in Rexburg! It is totally making me not want to be in school even more than I do now! Schools not that bad, I'm just jealous of everyone who is off track or is graduated! My time will come soon though! So I was looking at flights online today and you can get some cheap flights to some places! It makes me want to go somewhere during the 7 week break!! Maybe I can convince Jordan to take me somewhere besides the river to go fishing!

Memorial day is soon, and I think were going fishing! If its warm and not windy outside it should be fine, but other than that I will probably convince Jordan to do something else...he usually wins though. I never have any better ideas so we usually just fish! At least we catch dinner sometimes!
Well I am going to go enjoy this warm weather while we have it...who knows when it will leave its Rexburg!!!

P.s. Can someone tell me how to add pictures to my posts?