Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just an update...

Here is a quick update on whats going on in our lives the past month an a half!! School has gotten busier than ever. but its good because its passing the time so fast. 3 more weeks til were college grads and off to Virginia April 11!! Cant wait!!!! just need to find me a job....

This is Jordan on his birthday. I forgot to buy candles so he is pretending to blow them out to make me feel better:)
This is Jordan's birthday present. He is loving it now with March Madness going on!

Remember how we are moving and we sold all our furniture a month too early!! This is our Sunday dinner...we had a picnic!!

Yes i am wearing Pajama Pants!!

This is my boat...I mean bed. Yes we sold our bed too. EVERYTHING IS GONE except one couch and that is what Jordan sleeps on! We had this blow up raft we bought last summer so float on the river with and it turned into my bed for the next month!!

Well that's what the past month and a half brings us. We have had some good laughs especially since I'm sleeping in a boat!!