Friday, September 3, 2010

Family Photo's

Here's the whole fam bam together again!
We had a great time down in Virgina Beach with everyone! We took these pictures because who knows when we will all be together again with a photographer. We were suppose to take pictures on the beach this year but it poured rain the day we were suppose to take them. Plan B was Carole Ann's house! It worked just fine.

Look at Jonathan's cute smile!!

The girl taking the pictures took a few of Jordan and me cause it was our two year Anniversary that day! They are really casual but I like them. We haven't had a good picture taken together since our wedding day!

So everything is going well with us! We are really excited for the holiday weekend! I love long weekends when I don't have to work! I have a three day week next week because Monday is a holiday and I took Friday off! Jordan is going to Chicago for a business trip so I am going to head down to Virgina Beach again to visit Carole Ann, Jon, and baby Jonathan again!! I'm excited! Jonathan is crawling now! Its so cute!
Here is some exciting news, we are getting Internet at our apartment on Saturday! Yayy finally we don't have to borrow anyone's anymore and barely get a connection!
I can't believe it's already Fall again! But you know what that means! GLEE and all the great shows are going to come back on! I am super excited! Hopefully my work schedule won't interferer with that too much! This year has just flown by! Next thing we know it will be the new year!