Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Time

Its almost Christmas!! I am so excited! I just Love this time of year! My whole family is in town and we just have so much fun together!

This year we will be with Jordan's family on Christmas morning, and mine later that afternoon. Its nice we can be with both sides since we live so close!
Today is my last day of work for the week. My director is letting us go 2 hours early so I only have to work until noon today! Isn't that just amazing! I was so happy when he told us!
The members here at the fitness center have been so kind also. They have been bringing my team gifts like no other! And most of it is food so bring it on! haha Its really funny when they give us like a huge box of cookies, or chocolates or lets see, A Pastry Ring! I def ate most of that! I feel like I shouldn't eat it in the gym so I hide in my office so no one can see me except my co-workers!
I hope each of you have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Thoughts Today...

It snowed 1 inch. Not even that much. So why does everyone decide that since there is some slush outside they don't have to come to work. Because when people don't come into the office this makes my work day very slow and boring. You know why? Cause if people aren't at work...then no one comes to the gym. (The gym that is in their office building that I work at)

I am excited for Christmas. I am finishing up getting the last of the gifts and doing major wrapping tonight!!!

Jordan wants to see Tron tonight. Every movie we go to that he picks out always ends up being really great, but I still don't really wanna see it even though I'm sure I will like it. I'm just being difficult.

I brought a healthy lunch today and I decided to eat the chocolate a member gave us at work instead. I'm still hungry though....hmm more chocolate?

My brother David and sister Laura are flying in tomorrow evening from school for the Holidays! Yay excited to see them!!

Four day work week next week, and 1 day work week the week after! Booya! I have been saving up these days off all year. (or at least since I have been working which is since May)

I am making cupcakes tomorrow! Yummo!

That's all for now!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Michael Buble Concert

November 30, 2010 will definitely go on my list of days I will never forget!! I'm sure the people who have been to one of Michael Buble's concerts understand where I am coming from. It was absolutely amazing! Best concert I have ever been to by far. (Ive only been to like 3 others but still) Our seats were AWESOME! I was so happy with them. I mean obviously there were better seats than ours but I was very pleased. Here are some photos of the night! ENJOY
Mommy and me before we left!
Oh yes this is my and Michael together!
My Michael Buble t-shirt! (It says Buble LIVE! & In Person) haha
I totally think he was looking at me here!

This was when he went into the crowed and got on a little stage and sang a few songs. (Home, Hollywood, and some others I can't remember them all)

He really knew how to work the crowd and have a good time! After he came out and sang 2 songs he was reading all the signs people made for him. One little girl in the front row had a sign that said "All I want for Christmas is a hug from you" and she was like 9. He was like really! From me? Ah I think I could do that! And he ran down and gave her a hug. It was really sweet. I was really jealous though. If only I were 9 and was in the front row with that clever sign! Maybe next time! :)

Best Concert Hands Down. He sounded so good live, and sang all the right songs!! If he ever comes to your town GO!!! It is so worth it!! I had a blast and had dreams about the concert that night! It was great!!! :)