Monday, April 26, 2010

Feels good to put the running shoes back on...

I cant even tell you how great it felt to put my runnig shoes back on today!! Its been 2 months since I last put them on...can you believe that TWO MONTHS!!!! thats just wrong!! I was so busy my last semester with school and work that I put aside my passion. Now that I am done with school and still unemployed I get to stay home and do something I love...RUN, and feel good!!! I'm not gonna lie though I was pretty scared when I stepped on the tread mill today. I was thinking how hard it was going to be and that I probably should never of stopped working out but that time has passed and its time to get back!! I'm really excited since I am home by my self all day I might as well take advantage of it!!!
Today was also Jordan's first day of work! He left bright and early. He has about a half hour commute. I cant wait til he comes home and tells me all about it.
I also met my nephew two weekends ago. He is the cutest little thing ever!! I was never bored when I was aroudn him!!! Thats amaing for me because I get bored so easily. He is almost 4 months and is smiling and if you make him really happy he will giggle its so cute! I love it. I cant wait to see him again!!