Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Due Date

Well my baby has officially been cooking for 40 weeks! Today is my due date, and guess what...no baby. Surprise surprise? Not really. I have been walking, doing the elliptical, and even taking step aerobics to try to get this baby out and nothing! He is so content in there. Maybe if I unpack my hospital bag, and take the car seat out of the car he will decide to come. :) ha. I went to the doctors yesterday and nothing...still not dilated at all. I have a appointment for Thursday to get an Amniotic fluid test, and a non stress test done. Apparently after your due date the fluid can decrease so they need to check it. If it has decreased they will induce me that night! AH. I'm not really worried though. I'm sure he will be extra late. If he is not here by the 24th I will go in that night to the hospital and be induced the morning of the 25th. Lets cross our fingers I don't have to wait another week though. I will be taking long walks everyday! Maybe a few squats :)

Today is my last day of work as well. It is weird starting my maternity leave with out a baby. We decided that it would be best for me to have a few days to rest before he comes. I hope I don't get bored. I will probably end up cleaning everything again, or just going shopping. That sounds fun!

I need to find a baby blessing outfit too. I have tried searching online and am haven't had much luck. All you mom's where did you get your outfit to bless your baby in? I need help! I wish I was out in Utah it would probably be so much easier. Let me know if you have suggestions as to where to look.

Well hopefully the next time I post I will be introducing my little man to you. (Keep fingers crossed!!)