Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Picture Overload

Well Hello, Its been a while. I have finally taken all my pictures off my phone and loaded them to the computer. Its a major Picture overload. Its from now all the way back to the end of August. Let the journey begin!
Look at those two rain deer. How cute.
Election Day!!
Jackson's new favorite spot is inbetween our bed and the headboard.
Halloween...Couldn't get enough candy...jk
My little Pirate
Ward Party
Jackson's Girlfriends..he is holding them hostage.

We were the Packman's!

Mowing the lawn before Hurricane Sandy came.

A trip to the store.

He had his flu shot and I told him he could look at the horseys. haha He loved it.
Lots of trips to Costco
My best friends Wedding


Bachelorette Party

Kingston Came!
Wal mart....
Baby sat Mila
Shoulder rides
 Pajama day...and Nana Val sent a birthday present!!!
Cousin Nap time!
Apple picking

Went up to Great Falls with Sister and her family
Jackson now has to feed himself...such a mess!
Sunday Naps
  Gotta play at the park on nice sunny days!
Bike riding on the C&O canal
We wore them out celebrating Julies 23rd Birthday
August we went to Utah, and saw Uncle David (premont)
Hogle Zoo with family

And of course..Danie's Wedding!!!!
Hope you enjoyed my life from August to November! I will update more often.
Can't wait for the Holidays!!!

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